**We use Pharmco Skin Care, Lavido Organic Skin Care, and Lumavera products for our facials as well as for retail use in our spa


The Not So Basic Facial – $95
Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extractions, Facial, Shoulder, Décolleté, Massage, and Mask for your specific skin needs


Triple Oxygen Facial Breath In & Glow! – $135
Oxygen is essential for your skin cells to produce energy, maintaining your skin’s vitality. In turn, dull skin is brightened, radiance of complexion is improved, and surface is smoothed.


Gentleman’s Facial – $125
Cleanse, Deep Exfoliation, with extractions, and relaxing shoulder, neck, hand, and facial massage. A mask designed for you and a scalp massage will complete your facial.


Bye Bye Zits – $125
Cleanse, Exfoliate, and get rid of dead skin cells. Steam open your pores for 5 minutes. Extractions, sometimes a bit uncomfortable, but sorry they are needed. Now time for relaxation–enjoy a facial massage of your chest and arms. A seaweed acne mask is now applied to your face and décolleté. Nap Time! (Add on a Clean Pore Purifying Mask for $30.)


Teen Facial – $75
Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extractions, and a mask. Educating your teen with essential information to maintain good home skin care.


Sexy Back Facial – $100
It is what it says it is, back cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and mask. Includes a 10 minute back massage with essential oils. We give you your SEXY back!


Enzyme Resurfacing Facial – $125
Aroma therapeutic facial for aging and acne scar erasing. Stimulate your skin! Cleaner, clearer, smoother, and more radiant after just one facial. We love it!


Peeling Facial – $135
Both physical and chemical exfoliation, with a perfection peel, incorporated into our Not So Basic Facial. Peel and Reveal!


Peels + Add-On’s

Glycolic Peel 90% – $50
T.C.A. Peel – $75
Perfect Peel – $25
Salicylic Peel – $50
Jessner Peel – $75
Radiance Peel – $35
Micro Roller Concentrated Serum Penetration – $35